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Flow Cytometry — A Gateway For Discovering More About Small Vesicles
Article | By Annalise Barnette, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Just as good things come in small packages, small vesicles promise big biological impact.

Why Invest In Emerging Markets Now
Article | By Günter Jagschies, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Unexplored and emerging markets are an attractive prospect for biopharma companies looking to expand. But when it comes to ensuring success, what’s the wisest way to invest?

Single-Vendor CDMOs Bring Speed And Cost Savings To The Table
Article | Patheon

As drug developers face the ever-pressing need to get molecules to market as efficiently as possible, firms large and small are increasingly turning to CDMOs for help.

Safely Separate Microcarriers And Harvest Cells In A Closed System
Application Note | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Current techniques used to separate adherent mammalian cells from microcarrier beads include: sedimentation using conical or inclined settlers, centrifugation, acoustic resonance, spin filtration, and microfiltration. These techniques often use sophisticated equipment, requiring significant capital expenditure as well as routine maintenance and between-use cleaning and sterilization. Until now, single-use options were restricted to disposable spin filters and hollow-fiber/microfiltration systems.

Optimizing Your Plate-Based Assay Workflows
Webinar | Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

Using workflow based software solutions to guide scientists through various processes in low to high throughput screening campaigns.


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