Newsletter | October 24, 2022

10.24.22 -- New Therapies Require New Development Approaches And Regulatory Interactions

RNA-Engineered Cell Therapy With Cartesian's Dr. Murat Kalayoglu

Cartesian Therapeutics president and CEO Murat Kalayoglu, M.D., Ph.D., has led three of his company's six autoimmune, oncology, and respiratory candidates through Phase I/II clinical trials, and two more of them are on the cusp of entering Phase I this year. Glean insight from Cartesian's experiences and learn about the company's novel approach to RNA-engineered cell therapies for oncology and beyond.

Rethinking Cancer Treatment With Anixa’s Amit Kumar

Optimizing CAR T cell therapies so that they reliably target and destroy tumors has been difficult to reliably achieve, mainly due to the gauntlet of immunosuppressive cells that protect these tumors. Overcoming the hurdles that attend CAR-T therapy development will require novel science, innovative processing, and unshakeable optimism. Hear Amit Kumar, Ph.D., chairman and CEO of Anixa Biosciences, discuss his company’s strategy for targeted cancer treatment.

Biopharma Regulatory Requirements With bluebird bio's Scott Cleve

Scott Cleve brings an entire career dedicated to the mastery of global biopharma regulatory standards to his role as vice president of regulatory operations and compliance at bluebird bio. Listen as Cleve, Matt Pillar, chief editor at BioProcess Online, and Erin Harris, chief editor at Cell & Gene, have a candid discussion on the regulatory trends shaping the advance of a pipeline of gene therapies for the treatment of serious, life-altering diseases.

From Discovery To Commercial Promise With Philogen’s Dr. Dario Neri

The depth and breadth of Philogen’s therapeutic pipeline is a standout in today’s market; it has nine products currently in discovery and development, with two products in Phase III trials. In a recent episode of The Business of Biotech, Philogen CEO Dario Neri, Ph.D., sat down to explore Philogen's trajectory and the process of establishing a diverse product pipeline.

Diabetes: Changing The Insulin Paradigm

While renal disease treatment technologies have seen moderate incremental improvements, there hasn't been a step-change advance in diabetes care since the discovery of insulin more than 100 years ago. Arecor CEO Sarah Howell, Ph.D., shares an approach to improving the quality of life for some 200 million insulin-dependent patients worldwide.