Newsletter | August 31, 2021

08.31.21 -- New Pathway Provides Promising Method For Expedited Drug Discovery

Industry Insights
Enhanced Host Cell Protein Analysis In Biologics Manufacturing

iEnzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISAs) to monitor host cell protein levels are challenging. This article illustrates an enhanced anti-host cell protein antibody coverage analysis method solution.

Spray Dry Manufacturing Formulations For Local Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung cancer accounts for 23% of all cancer-related deaths in American adults. Though several monoclonal antibody treatments utilizing parenteral delivery have been commercialized, local delivery has been impossible. Recent advances in spray drying technology show promising results and potentially facilitate more effective mAbs through direct delivery to the lung.

Digital Lab Documentation - Improve Collaboration, Productivity, & Reduce Costs

Laboratory organizations need an environment that facilitates and optimizes collaboration, experiment execution, documentation and data management in the different labs from R&D through manufacturing to commercialization. By implementing a digital lab solution you can bridge the innovation and productivity gaps in research, development, manufacturing and quality, and enable successful technology transfer across new product development and production operations.

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