Newsletter | May 5, 2022

05.05.22 -- mRNA Manufacturing Strategies


Decades of research led to the development of the first mRNA vaccine, which has changed the course of the pandemic. As you look ahead to the potential of mRNA — whether that is starting or building out your capacity for producing mRNA vaccines or other mRNA-based therapeutics — we invite you to browse the following list of resources for mRNA process development and beyond.

Process Development Challenges For mRNA Vaccines And Beyond

The scientific community still faces hurdles to efficient and effective process development of mRNA vaccines and therapies. This article provides key insights from industry experts on the future of therapeutic mRNA manufacturing.

mRNA Manufacturing Workflow Infographic

mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics offer scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. This infographic illustrates the steps in the mRNA manufacturing process and how to harness its potential.

Strategies For Scaling Up mRNA Manufacturing

The clinical promise of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines is clear, but compared to monoclonal antibodies or viral vectors, their novelty also brings new challenges to the manufacturing process. In this webinar, Cytiva’s Katarina Stenklo will present strategies and technologies for addressing these challenges.

mRNA Manufacturing Challenges And Opportunities

This on-demand panel discussion features experts discussing some of the critical steps to commercializing mRNA vaccines and therapeutics, including CMC, scale-up, tech transfer, and regulatory strategy.

mRNA Vaccines: Current Trends And Perspectives

Our short report looks at some of the applications, potential, and benefits of mRNA therapies — for infectious diseases, personalized medicines, and more.