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09.20.22 -- Mitigating Hidden Risks: Extractables And Leachables

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Mitigating Hidden Risks: Extractables And Leachables

Everything from glass or plastic bottles to the ink used in labels can leach unwanted contaminants. The first challenge chemists address is to narrow the focus on the most likely suspects.

Outstanding Sensitivity For Confident SPR Interaction Analysis

Explore how surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based analyses with a high sensitivity instrument can provide greater data precision and better confidence in your results interpretation.

Digital Transformation In Regulatory: Achieving Excellence Virtually

As the industry looks forward, key decision makers in pharma and biotech companies were surveyed to assess their views on undertaking regulatory processes virtually.

Precision Powder-In-Capsule Microdosing Accelerates Drug Product Development

Precision powder microdosing makes it possible to quickly get formulations to the clinic, saving time, money, and use of limited APIs.

How Syringe Filtration With Integrated Prefilter Technology Improves HPLC Performance And Throughput

In this article we review how particulate removal through filtration affects column life and how to handle difficult-to-filter samples.

"Ultra High” Potency Development And Manufacture

A biotech with limited experience in the development and manufacture of high-potency compounds sought to develop a process for producing a highly potent API used to treat an unmet oncology need.

Developing Biosimilars: Challenges And Solutions

Biophysical characterization requires technologies that often needs expensive reagents, large quantities of samples, and experimental conditions optimization. Simplified analytical workflows can help.

Creating The Right Toxicology Strategy: Learning From The Past To Shape The Future

The industry is now considering non-animal methods for toxicology studies. The move is toward more predictive models such as machine learning and organ-on-a-chip to drive safer and more efficient science.

Development, Manufacture Of Biopharmaceuticals In Microbial Systems

We discuss the trends in new molecular formats, which is one of the current drivers of renewed interest in fermentation technologies, along with some of their challenges. 

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