Newsletter | December 9, 2021

12.09.21 -- Maximizing mRNA, Gene Therapy For CAD, Cornering The Antibody Market And More


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Voices From The Frontline Of Cell And Gene Discovery
Understanding CAR-M Technology, With Carisma Therapeutics' Dr. Debora Barton
Carisma Therapeutics’ Dr. Debora Barton breaks down the latest in CAR-M technology as well as the company's Phase 1 first-in-human study of adenovirally transduced anti-HER2 CAR macrophages in subjects with HER2 overexpressing solid tumors.

Inside The Gene Therapy For Coronary Artery Disease, With XyloCor Therapeutics' Albert Gianchetti
XyloCor Therapeutics' EXACT clinical trial is a Phase 1/2 multicenter, open-label, single-arm, dose escalation trial for coronary artery disease — the most common type of heart disease — with gene therapy at its center.
Advancing Patient Engagement, With Novartis Gene Therapies' Dr. Amy Nicole Nayar
Dr. Amy Nicole Nayar, VP of U.S. Patient Advocacy and Government Affairs at Novartis Gene Therapies, explains what patient engagement should encompass in the cell and gene field as well as the unique challenges cell and gene therapy companies face where a patient engagement officer provides essential help.

Cornering The Antibody Market: Akesobio CEO Dr. Michelle Xia, Ph.D.
Ten-year-old Akesobio's stats are mindboggling: Twenty drug development programs, 12 antibodies in clinical-stage development, six bispecific antibodies (two at clinical stage), four antibodies with IND approvals, and 22 clinical trials initiated. CEO Michelle Xia, Ph.D., shares how the company has managed such supercharged growth.
Turning The Liver Into A Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Factory: Homology's Arthur Tzianabos, Ph.D.
Homology Medicines' approaches to gene therapy and gene editing have the potential to disrupt both the gene therapy space and the mAb manufacturing and administration paradigms. Here, Homology president and CEO Arthur Tzianabos, Ph.D., shares the company's approach and rationale for investing in its own development and manufacturing capacity.
Maximizing mRNA With Precision Nanosystems' James Taylor, Ph.D.

Dr. James Taylor, president and CEO at Precision Nanosystems, believes genomic medicine will ultimately become the largest therapeutic class. Listen in as Dr. Taylor discusses why RNA and DNA delivery are game-changers, and what Precision Nanosystems is doing to push the ball downfield.  

Sarepta's Brian Winstead: Foundations Of Flexible Manufacturing
Sarepta Therapeutics’ director of pharmaceutical engineering, Brian Winstead, and Project Farma VP Tony Khoury discuss what flexible manufacturing means, where it works, and where it doesn't. Listen in as Winstead shares the flexible manufacturing philosophy in place at Sarepta.