Newsletter | October 26, 2021

10.26.21 -- Lung Cancer Treatment By Inhaled Formulations

Industry Insights
Science Of Scale For Spray Dried Intermediates

Significant interest has been focused on the science of scale for spray drying. This paper identifies critical steps that can smooth the development pathway, eliminating scale-up headaches down the road.

Lung Cancer Treatment By Inhaled Formulations

Dry powder inhaled formulations hold promise to allow local treatment of lung cancer with decreased chemotherapeutic-related side effects. Explore the formulation and manufacturing of a topotecan inhaled dry powder and its use in decreasing tumor size in an animal model.

Optimizing Drug Safety And Efficacy Of Complex Next-Generation Biologics

Challenges exist when developing biologic drugs to be efficacious but safe. Novel analytical techniques, like surface plasmon resonance, can help circumvent these issues and optimize development.

Cloud-Based Research Informatics - Improve Collaboration, Agility And TCO Across Different Industries

With cloud adoption significantly enhancing collaborative projects, increasing operational agility and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO), cloud computing has become a valuable and viable solution today; however, organizations are often uncertain about the best way to evaluate, select and implement a cloud collaboration platform. This paper will discuss the challenges of internal and external collaboration and how scientific research organizations can manage the transition to a more highly performant, flexible and agile partner workspace in the cloud with the help of a qualified cloud provider.

Lysate Clearance To Remove Cellular Debris

The most problematic step in the purification of synthesized biomolecules is the clarification of the sample once the cells are lysed. The lysate often contains biomolecule concentrations millions of times higher than the molecule of interest. Here we present a lysate sample preparation procedure using the AcroPrep Advance filter plate for lysate clearance that effectively removes unwanted cellular debris from samples.

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