Newsletter | September 16, 2021

09.16.21 -- Increase Lab Efficiencies With Technology And Process Improvements

Accelerate Time-To-Market With An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

In recent years, technology has made immense amounts of research information available at a keystroke — information that can spark creativity and new collaboration opportunities. However, scientists recording, managing, and archiving research data in paper lab notebooks cannot keep up with this data deluge. This white paper examines the challenges of managing research data today and what to look for in an ELN.

The Data Struggle In The Lab: How A Platform-Based Unified Lab Informatics Approach Can Help

Despite advances in technology that have improved the productivity, performance, and predictability of scientific work in laboratories, data compatibility problems persist. Systems, applications, and devices lack a standard way to share information with each other. An informatics platform that offers software-automated, standardized instrument integration services solution is available.

Procedure Management Solution Significantly Reduces Compliance Risk

In today’s competitive environment it is the objective of all life science manufacturing companies to minimize the risks of compliance nonconformance and the significant associated post-event costs. Learn how technology advances can provide an assured procedural compliance “execution” process that can be applied to any defined workflow.

The Unified Lab For Streamlined Lab Execution

Today’s labs face pressure to deliver products, analysis, and results of high performance and quality as fast and cost-efficiently as possible. Traditional disconnected, paper-based, and error-prone processes cause lack of productivity, compliance issues, and increased costs. See how your lab can optimize laboratory operations, ensure compliance, and maximize productivity.

How To Stop Your Lab From Being A Bottleneck

Laboratory testing can be a bottleneck. Connecting data, people, and processes in a unified laboratory informatics environment helps to streamline and standardize laboratory workflows while also improving regulatory compliance and lab productivity. Watch this webinar to learn how by removing the bottlenecks from your laboratory, you can accelerate vital therapeutics to your patients.

Biopharma Accelerates Lab Digitalization With Unified Laboratory Operations Management Solution

A biopharma company’s experimental records, recipes, and scientific results were stored in multiple Excel files, scanned PDF documents, and siloed lab solutions, many of which did not use the same conventions from lab to lab or scientist to scientist. They needed to implement a common solution across all CMC labs and for all therapeutic modalities — both small molecules and biologics.