Newsletter | January 4, 2022

01.04.22 -- Increase Drug Discovery Productivity, Optimize SPR Data Interpretation

Industry Insights
Align CMC Strategy With Clinical Path Requirements & Timelines

Manufacturers must understand the challenges associated with creating a CMC strategy, and the expertise and resources needed to execute it, in today’s crowded and diverse market.  

Increase Drug Discovery Productivity, Optimize SPR Data Interpretation

The need to increase efficiency and productivity has led scientists to develop a machine learning solution that can optimize the way that developers analyze and characterize their early drug candidates.

24-Well Filter Plates Offer Alternative For Clarifying Mammalian Cell Cultures

Centrifugation and filtration have been widely accepted as techniques required for clarifying complex cell cultures to recover extracellular proteins such as monoclonal antibodies (mABs). Read an alternative to the use of centrifugation/filtration/flocculation to clarify mammalian cells cultures and describes assessment of newly developed AcroPrep 24-well clarification and sterilization plate and AcroPrep 24-well sterilization plate for clarification of mammalian cell cultures (2 to 26 x 106 cells/mL) and recovery of proteins present in the supernatant.

mRNA - The Vaccine Technology Explained In Short

With two mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines coming to market, this innovative platform is delivering on its promise of a safer, faster, more efficacious approach to vaccine manufacturing. mRNA has the potential to revolutionize the vaccine industry and hold a promising pipeline ranging from cancer application to indications with unmet needs such as HIV or Zika. Watch this brief video and explore the science behind mRNA vaccines.

How To Safely Handle Your Antibody Drug Conjugate

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) have a highly specific mechanism of action which is an advantage for the treatment of several oncology indications. Internal specialized occupational toxicology and industrial hygiene knowledge can help solve the mystery of safe handling ADCs.

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