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07.26.22 -- How Well Are Your HCP ELISAs Covered?

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How Well Are Your HCP ELISAs Covered?

Validating host cell protein ELISAs is an essential part of biologics development. But what makes these coverage assays so vital, and what could we improve? Read how this 2D DIBE approach combines the best of existing methods.

Crystallization Process Development Ramping Up Bench-Scale Control

Since physical structure and biological activity are directly linked, controlling the physical form of a compound is paramount to a final drug product’s quality and effectiveness.

How Fluid Flow Effects Within A Chromatography Column Are Used By Mechanistic Models

Flow patterns are three-dimensional in space, and chromatography fluid dynamics (CFD) models should also be three-dimensional in space. Understand fluid dynamics within a chromatography column.

Electronic Lab Notebook Supports Scientific Knowledge Management In R&D

One tool holds a unique position among R&D informatics systems: electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs). ELNs both produce data and consume information and are particularly powerful.

Scale-Up And Site Transfer Of A Semi-Solid Product For Commercial Launch

Any changes to the equipment and processes used to produce a semi-solid dosage form may affect the physicochemical characteristics, bioavailability, and sensory qualities of the final product.

Media Selection For In Vitro Testing Of Poorly Soluble Drugs

Lonza principal scientist Deanna Mudie, Ph.D., covers the design of dissolution media to support biopredictive dissolution testing and how the properties of a drug and formulation affect performance.

Support For Regulatory Submission And Feedback By Applying State-Of-The-Art In Silico And In Vitro Tools

We discuss how a panel of healthy donors can be prequalified for specific assays and how this donor panel can then be used in studies to assess the immunogenicity risk of therapeutics.

Simultaneous Spray Drying For Innovative Dry Powder Inhaler Combination Formulations

The simultaneous spray drying of multiple ingredients is a powerful technique for making inhaled products with multiple actives. Examine how novel spray drying techniques can make these products a reality.

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