Newsletter | November 30, 2022

11.30.22 -- How To Optimize Operations And Productivity With Lab Integration

Accelerate Time-To-Market With An Electronic Lab Notebook

Research organizations are challenged to conceive and develop innovative scientific solutions rapidly and efficiently. Technology has made a plethora of information available at a keystroke, and scientists managing research data on paper cannot keep up. Read this white paper to explore the challenges of managing research data today and what to look for in an ELN.

The 21st Century Lab: Reinventing Laboratory Informatics

Labs need a technology infrastructure capable of integrating and automating critical processes so that scientists can capture and share critical information. This ebook outlines how adopting a digital approach that effectively connects innovation and commercialization cycles can help achieve high fidelity data that retain contextual information as projects move through R&D into manufacturing.

How To Stop Your Lab From Being A Bottleneck

From disconnected processes and data silos to time-consuming operations, laboratory testing can be a bottleneck. Connecting data, people, and processes in a unified laboratory informatics environment helps streamline and standardize laboratory workflows, while improving regulatory compliance and lab productivity. Watch this webinar to learn how you can accelerate getting vital therapeutics to your patients.

R&D Services Company Implements A Collaborative Electronic Lab Notebook

Meeting collaboration demands meant being able to rapidly collect project information to deliver reports and data, fulfill patent submissions, or leverage and build on past work. Read this case study to explore one company’s process for selecting an ELN and the resulting positive effects of their decision.

Streamlined, Scalable, And Secure Research Collaboration

A global healthcare leader in discovery, development, and distribution of therapeutics had an outdated in-house system. Read this case study to learn about their solution — an open ecosystem of cloud-based, web-accessible research applications that provided a secure project management framework with the ability to share project information using a unique social networking approach.

Optimize Efficiency Across Labs: Streamline Scheduling And Procedure Execution

Scientific companies can now leverage a suite of focused applications, which together manage lab procedures, task planning, procedure execution, and optimized scheduling. Read this datasheet to learn how this integrated solution detects resource constraints to minimize bottlenecks and simplifies complex task scheduling across multiple labs for increased efficiency and faster projects.

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