Newsletter | June 29, 2022

06.29.22 -- How MCC Is Transforming mAb Capture

Protein A Resin Reduction Achieved With Process Transfer From Batch To BioSMB

A biopharmaceutical manufacturer was looking to reduce the operating costs of existing purification steps with high resin costs. Learn how transferring an existing batch chromatography process into a multicolumn format and then scaling up that process to a continuous perfusion run resulted in a dramatic reduction in protein A resin requirements.

5 Reasons To Switch To Multicolumn Chromatography (MCC)

Multicolumn chromatography (MCC) solutions offer a number of advantages, and we’ve put together the top five most compelling reasons in this infographic. See for yourself how MCC technologies can transform your existing batch processes and provide a first step in your exploration of continuous processing.

Increased Productivity At The Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Capture Step

Read how an easy conversion from a single column to a multicolumn format enabled this biopharma company to reduce protein A consumption by 80%. This allowed for reductions in overall cost and up-front investment in consumables with no change to the quality of the resulting product.

How To Select Your DSP Chromatography Technology

Making the switch from single-batch to multicolumn chromatography can dramatically reduce resin utilization and costs, and eliminate bottlenecks without sacrificing quality. This animated feature compares the traditional single-batch approach to a multi-column alternative for monoclonal antibody (mAb) capture.

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