Newsletter | September 12, 2022

09.12.22 -- How Filter Plates Can Streamline Your Workflow

How Filter Plates Can Streamline Your Workflow

Filtration is a critical component of many workflows, and the ability to stay in a multi-well format to perform sample preparation can save time and improve results. In this webinar, you will learn how to choose the best filter plate for your specific applications and understand pore size, membrane material, well volumes, and tip types.

24-Well Filter Plates Offer Alternative For Clarifying Mammalian Cell Cultures

Centrifugation and filtration have been widely accepted as techniques required for clarifying complex cell cultures to recover extracellular proteins such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Read about an alternative to the use of centrifugation/filtration/flocculation to clarify mammalian cells cultures.

Achieve Ultrafiltration, Microfiltration, And Macrofiltration With 24-Well Filter Plates

Many techniques in life science research rely on efficient sample preparation methods. Concentration and purification of samples are key steps in the workflow that can affect the outcome of the experimental results. We explore an increased range of 24-well filter plates offered to help streamline membrane selection and provide effective solutions for multiple sample preparation needs.

Improved Clarification Of Mammalian Cell Cultures

Overexpression of proteins has enabled access to highly purified proteins in large quantities for research and increasingly for medical purposes. However, the clarification process can be quite cumbersome. This application note demonstrates systems that have proven quite useful for clarification of mammalian cell cultures such as CHO cells, by combining the cell clearance and sterile filtration functionality in a single device.

Accomplish Medium Throughput High-Volume Sample Preparation Applications

The use of filter plates has allowed simultaneous filtration of multiple samples by means of centrifugation, vacuum, or positive pressure. Until recently, this methodology was mostly available for high throughput of smaller sample volumes with the aid of 96-well or 384-well filter plates. Here, we explore options to streamline a wide variety of workflows for medium throughput high-volume sample preparation.