Newsletter | April 20, 2021

04.20.21 -- Harnessing Human Tissue Models For Drug Development

Industry Insights
Can You Meet The Diverse Manufacturing Needs Of The Biopharma Market?

Meeting the needs of the modern biomanufacturing landscape requires a combination of technology and digital solutions working together to effectively and efficiently meet your goals.

Developing A Closed Connected Single Use mAb Purification Process

This article provides an overview of a successfully designed closed and physically connected mAb process at the pilot scale with single-use components.

Biopharma Accelerates Lab Digitalization With BIOVIA One Lab

A biopharma company’s experimental records, recipes and scientific results were stored in multiple Excel files, scanned PDF documents and siloed lab solutions, many of which did not use the same conventions from lab to lab or scientist to scientist. disconnects were leading to additional lab work at late stages, workflow inefficiencies, long review times, delayed decisions, excessive effort and wasted material. They needed to implement a common solution across all CMC labs and for all therapeutic modalities—both small molecules and biologics.

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