News | March 21, 2023

Gyros Protein Technologies Introduces New PurePep EasyClean Services To Accelerate Development And Manufacturing Of Peptide-Based Drugs


Gyros Protein Technologies AB, a leading provider of peptide synthesizers and reagents, and a pioneer in automated nanoliter-scale immunoassays, today announced the launch of three service offerings to support the development and manufacturing of peptide-based drugs. The new services are based on the Company’s PurePep® EasyClean (PEC) orthogonal peptide purification technology.

The new services include:

  • “PEC-grade peptide service” - for custom synthesis of PEC-grade peptides
  • “Custom PEC process and kit development” - for scale-up and scale-out of the technology, and
  • “Enabling new modalities manufacturing with PEC” - to accelerate the developments of novel and complex peptide-based drug modalities.

The services are supported by two existing PEC kit types: the “Starter Kits” and “High Throughput Kits”.

PEC orthogonal peptide purification technology represents a simple catch-and-release solution to overcome bottlenecks in peptide-based drug development, including the high throughput purification of peptides for the reliable preclinical testing, scale-up and production of complex peptide drugs. PEC is a green chemistry solution, which drastically reduces the need for organic solvents by up to 95%.

The PEC technology is now fully integrated into Gyros Protein Technologies’ offering, via two kit types and the newly launched services, following the Company’s acquisition of Belyntic’s peptide purification business in November 2022. The integration means Gyros Protein Technologies is now able to support customers throughout the whole workflow, from synthesis to final purified product, accelerating drug development and manufacturing processes.

Mark Vossenaar, General Manager, Biopharmaceutical Development Division, Gyros Protein Technologies, commented: “With the integration of Belyntic’s best-in-class orthogonal purification technology and introduction of the new services, we are able to add value through whole workflow solutions, accelerating peptide-based drug development and manufacturing processes. We also welcome Dr. Robert Zitterbart to drive product and service development for this side of the business.”

Dr. Robert Zitterbart, inventor of PEC and now Director R&D PEC Services, Gyros Protein Technologies, said: “We are delighted to now offer the new services based on the PEC technology, which perfectly complement the Starter Kits and High Throughput Kits, and we are looking forward to working with customers to help overcome their challenges in peptide-based drug development and production.”

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