Newsletter | September 30, 2020

09.30.20 -- Getting Pharmaceutical Development Right From The Start

The Criticality Of API CDMO Selection: Insights From A Client
Small and emerging companies face challenges related to limited funding and resources, such as technical expertise and capacity, making it imperative they find a competent partner to support them. This requires not just a CDMO that can fill these gaps but also one that values the relationship enough to maintain clear and open lines of communication at every stage of a project.
Avoid The Fallout From Incompatibility Between Your API And Its Formulation
It is critical the experts creating a drug product’s formulation are aware of any reactions that can occur between an API and a tablet’s excipients. This enables the correct choice of excipients, avoids unpleasant surprises at a later stage, and allows the focus to remain upon the manufacturing scale-up of both the drug substance and the formulated product.
Six Principles For Getting Pharma Development Right From The Start

As the pharmaceutical industry faces pressure to bring new drugs to market more quickly and at minimal cost, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are increasingly outsourcing various parts of the drug development and manufacturing process. Here are six key points that pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies should keep in mind when looking to select the ideal partner to synthesize an API.

Flow Chemistry: Scale-Up Solution For Modern API Manufacturing

Once deemed an “experts only” approach to chemical synthesis, flow chemistry is a cost-efficient technique growing in popularity that can facilitate scale-up, improve product quality, and even address some of pharma’s biggest challenges, such as drug shortages and recalls.