Newsletter | September 22, 2021

09.22.21 -- From CAR-T Concept To Clinic: Ensure, Enhance, Excel

Automation Strategies For CAR-T Therapy Manufacturing

CAR-T therapies have shown tremendous clinical potential. However, manufacturing remains challenging due to the lack of control and automation as well as process and cell product characterization during process development and manufacturing stages. In this edition of Experts’ Insights in Advanced Therapies, Dr. Qasim Rafiq, of UCL, shares insights from his development of an automated CAR-T expansion process. READ Q&A NOW.

Process Knowledge To Accelerate CAR-T Time-To-Market

As gene-modified cell therapies advance to address new indications, robust manufacturing processes become critical. Process optimization sets the stage for commercial CAR-T manufacturing and plays a foundational role in decreasing time-to-market and lowering cost of goods sold (COGS). This webinar showcases the power of process knowledge in accelerating CAR-T therapy development. Watch Webinar Now.

Are Your CAR-T Therapies On The Safe Side?

Contamination in CAR-T therapies endangers patient safety, but traditional growth-based QC release takes too long. Download this free infographic to learn about the comprehensively validated, 3-hour PCR-based test to enable both rapid release testing and in-process control throughout your workflow, allowing you to ensure the safety of your CAR-T therapies. Download Infographic Now.

A Differentiated Approach To Allogeneic Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Celyad Oncology CEO Filippo Petti digs in on differentiating his company’s approach to developing and manufacturing allogeneic cell therapies for several oncology indications, including the company's technology platform and scale-up strategies in Celyad’s Belgium-based clinical manufacturing facility.  

Scaling Cell And Gene Therapy Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing autologous cell therapy products faces few key complications, which is typically why CAR-T manufacturing runs at two or three sigma operations.