Newsletter | October 20, 2022

10.20.22 -- Finding The Right Cell Culture Media For Your Bioprocesses

A Guide To Finding The Right Cell Culture Media For Your Bioprocesses

Selecting and optimizing the media formulation and feed strategy in the process development phase is the key to a high-productivity outcome in any bioprocess. We discuss the challenges and opportunities when developing a media approach during the production of biologics and explore the benefits of partnering with a provider with expertise throughout the media pipeline.

Intensifying Upstream Processing - Implications For Media Management

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing procedures must be efficient, robust, and productive to minimize failure risk and ensure targets are met. We discuss the benefits of implementing process intensification and explore the potential implications on media management. Learn more about the value in conceptual design to assist with the logistics of the media journey and the feasibility of implementing different PI scenarios in both existing and new facilities.

The Journey To AAV Production In Suspension – Scaling-Up Your Process

The efficient production of adeno-associated viral vectors (AAVs) starts with scalable upstream manufacturing processes. A robust AAV manufacturing process relies on productive host cells with HEK293 cells typically as the cell line of choice. We present a simple protocol for scaling up AAV production using HEK293 host cells cultured in suspension and under serum-free conditions.

The Importance Of Finding The Right Media For Your CHO Subtype

CHO cell lines' vast history means variants are now distinct, genetically diverse populations with their own culture requirements. A one-size-fits-all approach might yield satisfactory results, but you might achieve significant improvements in cell performance by employing a more tailored strategy. Learn more about the origin of CHO cell lines and how testing different media can help optimize your upstream production process.

Cell Culture Media Services & Custom Manufacturing

Learn how we are accelerating the delivery of high-quality, customized media with rapid set-up times, fast turnaround, and on-time delivery. Our media and custom manufacturing services range from raw material supply, custom labeling, and flexible packaging, to manufacturing your own media formulation for commercialization.

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