Newsletter | June 1, 2012

06.01.12 -- FDA-Approved Drug Makes Established Cancer Vaccine Work Better

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Extremely Sensitive Biological Asset Transfer No Problem For Marken
By Marken
Roslin Cells, a world leader in the isolation of new clinical grade pluripotent stem cells for use in research and development, was moving their site from within the Roslin Biocentre in Edinburgh to a new facility housed within the new Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine.

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Reduce Manufacturing Costs And Improve Quality With The Proper Assembly Lubricants
June 6, 2012 | 1:00 PM EST

Rubber, both natural and synthetic, is a core material in many manufacturing industries. Tight-fitting rubber components can slow production and affect quality and safety. International Products Corporation manufactures assembly lubricants that help reduce costs from damaged parts and improve assembly quality, as well as worker safety.
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FDA-Approved Drug Makes Established Cancer Vaccine Work Better
Callisto Pharmaceuticals Announces Animal Data On Drug For IBD
Summit Announces Phase 1 Trial For Treatment Of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
High-Throughput Biochemical Screening Platform For Bromodomain Epigenetic 'Reader' Proteins
Progenra Selects Dotmatics' Informatics Platform To Improve Drug Discovery
Regulatory Approval To Conduct European Phase III Clinical Trial Of Topical Interferon Alpha-2b
Cell Signaling Technology Develops Novel Monoclonal Antibody Discovery Platform
Selexis SA And Fusion Antibodies To Speed Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Development
Accelrys Purchases Cloud-Based Drug Discovery Information Management Technology
Marina Biotech And Girindus Group Announce Strategic Alliance
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Preclinical Toxicology Services Brochure
Our AAALAC-accredited laboratory has been providing clients with drug safety and toxicology data for over 30 years. Located on a 52-acre campus in a rural setting near Evansville, IN, our preclinical research facility occupies a total of 90,000 square feet in 11 buildings.

Drug Safety Evaluation Brochure
MPI Research offers comprehensive services to help determine the safety of life-changing compounds and assist in bringing them to the marketplace as rapidly as possible.

Air Cargo Is A Viable Solution For Transporting Medical And Pharmaceutical Products
The ecosystem tied to the movement of medical and pharmaceutical products is complex and highly distributed. Shippers and receivers for these live-saving products are spread out around the country, and there are no centralized routes between them.
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Custom Synthesis and API Intermediates
The SCYNEXIS process chemistry team is capable of solving the most complex chemical development issues in a fast and efficient manner. A distinguishing feature of our team is the equal balance between experienced process and analytical chemists. We are focused on developing safe, scalable processes and have an excellent track record of providing innovative solutions to drug development companies across the globe.

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Custom Synthesis and API Intermediates

Reveleris® Flash Cartridges
The Reveleris flash cartridges streamline instrument operations to save time and reduce costs. These high load cartridges offer increased durability (withstanding pressures up to 200 psi) and tight particle size distribution to resolve and recover more.
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Reveleris® Flash Cartridges

Pharmaceutical Analytical Development
Patheon provides analytical development services focused on accelerating the product development cycle. Analytical chemists develop and validate laboratory methodologies for your new pharmaceutical product, monitor its ongoing stability, and support the formulation and clinical manufacturing process all the way through commercialization.
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Patheon Inc.
Pharmaceutical Analytical Development

Golden Hour® Technology
Originally created in response to the need for an effective combat-environment thermal container on the battlefields of Afghanistan, patented Golden Hour Technology utilizes a unique Thermal Isolation Chamber (TIC®) System and superior PCM custom-formulated with a freeze/thaw threshold selected specifically for the necessary temperature range. 

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Minnesota Thermal Science, LLC
Golden Hour® Technology

CryoPort Express
The CryoPort Express® frozen cold chain shipping program is a total end-to-end shipping solution for high value temperature sensitive biomaterials.
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CryoPort, Inc.
CryoPort Express