Newsletter | December 19, 2022

12.19.22 -- Ensure Quality & Compliance In Your Document Management Systems

Digitalized Quality In Life Sciences: Roadmap To Sustainable Growth And Speeding Products To Market

The systems and processes life sciences companies have used to manage quality are inadequate by today's standards. Learn about life sciences challenges and how digital transformation can align people, processes, and technology to overcome market pressures and their own deficiencies to transform quality and quality data into a competitive asset.

Procedure Management Solution Significantly Reduces Compliance Risk

It is the objective of all life science manufacturing companies to minimize the risks of compliance non-conformance and the significant associated post-event costs. Learn how organizations can avoid these risks with systems that provide an assured procedural compliance "execution" process that can be applied to any defined workflow.

The Digital Quality Hub: Jumpstarting Transformation In Life Sciences

Industrial transformation (IX) is becoming increasingly common in the life sciences industry. Digital technologies can be critical in gathering and contextualizing data for effective content and quality data management, integrating data across the enterprise and powering advanced analytics. Learn how embracing Quality 4.0 can significantly benefit quality, manufacturing, and NPI.

Ferring’s Strategic Approach To Content Management

With a comprehensive software integration, this specialty biopharmaceutical group created a highly connected environment for documentation in quality, R&D, and manufacturing. Learn how this ensures compliance, process harmonization across sites and functions, data quality, data integrity, timely access to data, and time savings where manual tasks are replaced by integration.

Specialty Pharma Connects Content Management And Regulatory Compliance

A European specialty pharmaceutical business was faced with increasing pressure on costs and margins and a need for a more efficient and effective way to manage GxP-controlled documents. Learn how the company deployed a fully integrated, closed-loop document management system that addresses the quality and compliance requirements of regulatory bodies.

Digital Tech Transfer For Biopharma Quality Control

In QC, tech transfer includes all analytical testing required to demonstrate product compliance with the registered specification. Learn about a comprehensive tech transfer solution for manufacturing and development/quality control with capabilities for lab operations, process knowledge and analytics, document creation and management, project management, and more.

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