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12.06.22 -- Effects Of The Ongoing Pandemic On Bupivacaine HCI Supply

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Effects Of The Ongoing Pandemic On Bupivacaine HCI Supply

Throughout the pandemic, painkiller and sedative demands have spiked. Drug manufacturers and CDMOs have become critical in efforts to stabilize the supply of bupivacaine HCl and other essential drugs.

Components Of An Effective Disinfectant Prequalification Strategy

Cleaning procedures designed specifically to destroy microbial contaminants that may be present are an important component of any microbial control strategy.

Generating A Robust Host Cell Line For A Cell Line Development Platform

Learn how cell performance within the context of the cell line development workflow was confirmed with the successful isolation of stable, high-producing clones from three model monoclonal antibodies.

How High-Performance Syringe Filters Extend The Life Of Analytic Instruments And Columns

This scientific brief reviews how high-performance syringe filters protect and extend the life of analytical HPLC and UHPLC instruments and columns.

Integrated Lab Operations For Efficiency And Compliance

A research-based biopharmaceutical company had recently transitioned from paper-based experimental documentation toward increasingly electronic-based systems. 

Better Biotherapeutic Characterization For Improved Quality Control

Critical quality attributes (CQA) are fundamental to regulatory compliance and typically include data on how the candidate interacts with target proteins, size, and purity. In addition, information on process-related CQA, such as protein integrity, homogeneity, presence of host cell proteins, and DNA, is required. This poster booklet provides a snapshot on how different analytical technologies have been used to investigate aspects related to the efficacy, stability, and safety of therapeutic candidates.

De-Risking Drug Development At The Earliest Stages

Explore how to assess the risks of properly developing therapeutic drug candidates, including employing computer modeling tools, novel cell-based assays, and a full economic viability appraisal.

Drug Repurposing: Perspective On An Emerging Pharmaceutical Solution

Learn more about drug repurposing as an effective alternative approach to traditional drug discovery, including how it is gaining considerable momentum and the steps in the journey to move to GMP scale.

Early Development To Clinic: De-Risking A Bioconjugate’s Journey

The journey of a novel bioconjugate into the clinic is complex and uncertain. Explore the particular challenges when moving a bioconjugate candidate from early development into the clinic.

Dramatic Reduction Of Solvent Usage In Pharmaceutical Spray Drying

Using volatile processing aids to increase drug solubility in more environmentally friendly solvents, such as methanol, reduces the amount of solvent required to manufacture amorphous solid dispersions (ASDs).

Mitigating Risk In Tech Transfer: Expert Insights Into Finding The Right Partner

Establishing a relationship with a partner who has the right equipment, scientific expertise, and project management skills is crucial to mitigating risk in tech transfers — and ultimately controlling costs.

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