Newsletter | November 22, 2022

11.22.22 -- Effectively Managing Data In Process Development

Industry Insights
Effectively Managing Data In Process Development

Addressing data management challenges during drug development requires an understanding of today’s shortcomings and the factors to consider when adopting a solution to overcome them.

Unpacking The Complexity Of In Vitro Intestinal Models

Read how technological advances are enabling the drug development process to translate results more efficiently from preclinical experiments to late-stage clinical trials.

Assessing End-To-End Drug Development Partnerships

As drug development becomes increasingly expensive and complex, pharma companies are relying on CDMOs. Consider the opportunities and challenges of end-to-end arrangements.

Fixed-Dose Combination Drugs

A company was seeking a CDMO partner with the expertise and technological capabilities to combine three drug substances into a fixed-dose combination product suitable for adult and pediatric dosing.

The Not-So-New Challenges Of mRNA Delivery

Walter Straps, Ph.D., CEO of Carver Biosciences, states that when it comes to mRNA, the challenges associated with its delivery are anything but new. Indeed, Straps explains that challenges have existed essentially since the dawn of nucleotide therapeutics. “There is a joke within the oligonucleotide field similar to the real estate industry in that in real estate it’s location, location, location; for all nucleotides it's delivery, delivery, delivery,” says Straps.

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