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08.27.19 -- Discovery Of Anti-Opioid Pathway Offers New Route To Designing Safer Pain Medications

Industry Insights
Why Early Investment In A Scalable Manufacturing Process Is Critical
Article | By Enrico Corona and Jonathan Sutch, Thermo Fisher Scientific

The failure of drug compounds in mid- to late-stage development is far more common than anyone would like it to be. Only about 30% of compounds successfully transition from Phase II to Phase III.

Selectivity In Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC): It's Much More Than Average Pore Diameter (Å)
Article | By Jon Lundqvist, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Describing the pore of a size exclusion chromatography resin with a single number such as average pore diameter is an oversimplification. The formation of pores is dependent on complex combinations of many parameters.

In Vivo Models And In Vitro Assays For Human RSV Infection - Pre-Clinical Antibody, Small Molecule And Vaccine Development
White Paper | GVK Biosciences

Despite over 50 years of research, there remains no licensed vaccine product and disease due to RSV infection remains an unmet medical need. Learn how customized and high quality pre-clinical animal models and ex vivo readouts can support your anti-RSV biologics development from concept all the way to IND.

Changing The Treatment Landscape With The Development Of Biologics
White Paper | Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Medicines called biologics are transforming the healthcare landscape by offering hard-to-treat patients a real treatment benefit. Biologics have seen a rapid rise in popularity as treatment options for many diseases; even offering cures where none existed before. Why is this true? What do biological drugs offer that other therapies do not?

Venerated And Vital: Using Lipid Based Delivery For Fast And Efficient Early Phase Development
Webinar | Catalent

Introduced to the pharmaceutical industry decades ago, lipid-based drug delivery systems are the most well-studied and widely utilized technology among all available bioavailability enhancement technologies. Watch this webinar to learn more about the importance of and recent developments in lipid-based drug delivery systems, novel lipid excipients, models, and screening tools for early phase development of lipid-based drug delivery systems, and using mechanistic studies and modeling to predict the impact of lipids on oral absorption.

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