Newsletter | September 25, 2018

09.25.18 -- Discovery Helps Fight Against Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Industry Insights
Why Early Investment In A Scalable Manufacturing Process Is Critical
Article | By Enrico Corona, Patheon

The failure of drug compounds in mid- to late-stage development is far more common than anyone would like it to be. Only about 30% of compounds successfully transition from Phase II to Phase III.

The Potential For CRISPR Gene Editing In HIV
Article | By Leala Thomas, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

The advent of CRISPR as a gene editing tool continues to revolutionize drug discovery and development.

Can A Shared Biomanufacturing Facility Be The Answer To The Demand Forecasting Dilemma?
Article | By David Radspinner, et al., GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Using a shared biomanufacturing facility, a biomanufacturer can minimize its investment while mitigating the risks of demand uncertainty and maximizing time to market.

SAR Trek
Article | PerkinElmer, Inc.

Find solutions that allow you to rapidly locate and assemble accurate, comprehensive and workable data sets for detailed and scientifically intelligent refinement and analysis.

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