Freeware | October 27, 1998

Cybergenetics Offers Free Trial Of TrueAllele Software To Geneticists

N/Aenetics has developed an evaluation CD-ROM for its TrueAllele Technology genetic analysis software, which allows scientists to try out the automated scoring software for free for the first three months. According to Dr. Perlin, CEO of Cybergenetics, TrueAllele eliminates the manual data scoring bottleneck for microsatellite genetic data by automating the process.

TrueAllele performs automated lane tracking and automated allele calling on gel image data from

<%=company%>/Applied Biosystems and Pharmacia/ALF automated fluorescent DNA sequencers, and runs on the Macintosh, UNIX and PC computer platforms. Cybergenetics' free evaluation CD lets scientists use the current TrueAllele version 1.02 automated scoring software for three months before they license the technology.

"Our Macintosh evaluation CD lets geneticists immediately use TrueAllele to speed up their gene discovery projects," says Dr. Perlin. "We have focused on simplicity and ease of use."

TrueAllele is built in MATLAB, a high-performance computer language by the MathWorks for numerical computation and data visualization. TrueAllele 2.0 now runs in MATLAB 5. The evaluation CD's ease of use was enabled by a special arrangement between Cybergenetics and the MathWorks.

For more information: Cybergenetics, Inc., Omega Building, Suite 210, 160 North Craig Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. Telephone: 412-683-3004. Fax: 412-683-3005.