Newsletter | July 16, 2020

07.16.20 -- Creating Brand Sustainability With Softgel Technology

Are You Prepared For The Complexity Of Pediatric Drug Development?

The challenges of drug development can increase if a manufacturer assumes an existing formulation for an adult can also be used for a child. Pediatric drug development requires a formulation designed to fit the specific needs of that patient population. Not considering these requirements early enough could add significant delays.

Create Brand Sustainability With Softgel Technology

There’s no doubt: Around the world, people are living longer. And older people tend to take more medications than others do, but with age comes medication challenges. Many older people prefer softgel formulations, which are easier to swallow than tablets or caplets. Softgels can also be a better option than liquids, which can be messy when handled by people whose hands are not as steady as they once were.

Why Are Lipid Formulations Commonly Used To Enhance Bioavailability?

This webinar discusses potential mechanisms of increased absorption with lipid formulations and appropriate screening tools that are used during the development approach of these formulations. Also covered are subsequent steps to scale up and industrialize these formulations.