Newsletter | December 8, 2021

12.08.21 -- Considerations For Successful Process Development

Mechanistic Modeling For Downstream Processing: Digital Twins Are Here To Stay

Expensive and time-consuming laboratory experiments, iterative empirical optimization, and even statistical methods alone are not the answers to the challenges of the future. Many global biopharma companies are working on establishing digital twins of their upstream or downstream processes.

Key Insights Into Overcoming mRNA Process Challenges

The scientific community still faces hurdles when it comes to efficient and effective process development of mRNA vaccines and therapies. Realizing the potential of mRNA requires focus on key areas and strategies that could help alleviate the bottlenecks in this growing market segment.

Cell Culture Process Development For AAV Vector Production In Suspension Cells
Review experiments on adapting HEK293 cells to a suspension culture for transient transfection and adeno-associated virus (AAV) production. The results reveal information on cell growth by population doubling time, morphology, and viability needed to support future work on scalable production in single-use bioreactors.
Boost Performance With A Chromatography Resin Update

Although workhouse resins developed in the 1980s are still used in many processes worldwide, you could be missing out on better productivity and performance. Find an answer to the question, "How do I know which modern resin to use in my new projects?"

Effectively Managing Data In Process Development

Addressing data management challenges during drug development requires an understanding of today’s shortcomings and the factors to consider when adopting a solution to overcome them.

Guide To Chromatography Resins

Cytiva resin poster

Get your free guide to chromatography resins as a printed poster for your lab. It’s designed to help you quickly select the right resins for your needs. You’re getting two posters in one, with one side tailored to research and one to process development. Just choose which side you want to show in your lab.