Newsletter | May 15, 2019

05.15.19 -- Biopharma Research, Development, And Manufacturing

How To Avoid 5 LIMS Nightmares

Traditional laboratory information management system (LIMS) implementations are notorious for keeping people awake at night. Industry analysts have estimated the failure rate of commercial LIMS solutions to be as high as 60 percent with many of them failing to deliver original customer requirements after lengthy and expensive deployments.

Improve Operations, Collaboration, And Time-To-Market: The Digital Lab

Today’s science-based organizations are challenged to improve product quality, productivity, and compliance, while at the same time speeding innovation, collaboration, and decision making to shorten time-to-market. By institutionalizing flexible, procedure-driven processes, the "Digital Lab" contributes to the overall business goals of an organization, improving competitiveness and reducing risk.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals: Document Management Strategies For R&D

Since its inception, Vertex has made significant advancements in the treatment of hepatitis C, cystic fibrosis, and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as a variety of other life-threatening diseases. This case study details how Vertex’s R&D group specifically overcame the challenges of technology adoption and enterprise application deployments by adopting a comprehensive document management solution.

Supporting The Transformation Of The Patient Experience With IASO

IASO supports stakeholders who are responsible for bringing innovation to market in the form of combination products for oncology.