Newsletter | September 15, 2022

09.15.22 -- Biopharma Leaders Address Resilient Biomanufacturing Capacity Needs

Arranta Bio Builds Biomanufacturing Capacity

Building back biomanufacturing resilience must remain a top priority to ensure secure, global life sciences supply chains for decades to come. Understand how Arranta Bio applied COVID-19 lessons learned to address demand for biomanufacturing agility and flexibility. Learn how it is helping the biopharma industry be more prepared with flexible manufacturing capacity to meet future demands for therapeutics.

Bionova Scientific Talks Capacity, Speed, And Agility Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic was a worldwide lesson on the importance of flexibility and agility required for today's manufacturers to respond to demands for life-changing therapeutics. Bionova Scientific shares how a CDMO can offer biopharma companies the flexible capacity they need to meet the growing demand for medicines today and in the future.

Lakes Bioscience And Teesside University’s National Horizons Centre Address Manufacturing And Talent Needs

Learn how Lakes Bioscience and the National Horizons Centre (NHC) are harnessing virtual reality training to upskill talent in biomanufacturing and get medicine to patients faster. Understand what practices they used to remain agile and resilient during COVID-19 to withstand reduced U.K. manufacturing, unresolved public health issues, and other challenges.

Building Biopharma Resilience Through Education And Training

Continuing education and additional job training are the keys to bridge biopharma skills gaps, grow talent, and provide resilient biopharmaceutical supply chains. Read key insights from the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT), Teesside University’s National Horizons Centre, and Cytiva. Learn how today’s biopharma organizations can apply innovative, new approaches for talent sourcing and blended learning.

Increasing Biopharma Agility And Flexibility

Resilient biomanufacturing is key to strengthening the speed, agility, and capacity of global biopharmaceutical supply chains. Visit us online to learn how government support and public-private partnerships, increased industry collaboration, training and education advancements, and onshore biomanufacturing capacity investments all position biopharma for future biomanufacturing resilience.