Newsletter | November 5, 2021

11.05.21 -- Biopharma | Bring Speed To Process Development And Manufacturing

A Holistic Approach To Keep Pace With Manufacturing New Modalities

The rapid rise of new manufacturing modalities, such as viral vectors and mRNA vaccines, is coinciding with a digital revolution in how we work. Only a holistic approach will allow companies to overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities.

How Tools And Technologies Bring Advanced Therapies To Market

Companies such as Pall, Cytiva, and Precision NanoSystems — one of the newest additions to the Danaher Life Sciences portfolio — can provide all of the technologies and expertise necessary to manufacture a drug. All scientists need to focus on is discovery.

An Expedited Development And Manufacturing Process To Support A COVID-19 Vaccine

The traditional development and manufacturing process for an adenovirus-based vaccine takes time and involves many steps. Learn how Pall supported the rapid development of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Beyond The Process: Important Factors For Long-Term Biomanufacturing Success

For long-term manufacturing success you need to look beyond the process and account for an amalgamation of many important factors. Your process will go through many different phases, and it needs to be scalable throughout or you will incur additional challenges and costs.

Accelerate Gene Therapy's Time-To-Market With Integrated Solutions

For our customers to reap the benefits of our integrated solutions, we first help them define their individual needs and then visualize the end-to-end services required to industrialize a therapy. We then discuss how to customize the manufacturing parameters to meet the specific production needs of the therapy.