Biology Solutions

Source: GVK Biosciences

Biological assessment of New Molecular Entities (NMEs) plays a crucial role in ascertaining structure activity relationships, potency, selectivity, druggability and in vivo efficacy evaluation. The research scientists in the Biology Solutions Department at GVK BIO work closely in an integrated manner with a significantly larger talent pool of more than 1000 scientists in Medicinal & Synthetic Chemistry, Integrated Drug Discovery, Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics & Data Analytics.

Within the Biology solutions department, our capabilities include reagent generation, high-throughput screening, assay development, biomarker validation, radiometric assays, DMPK, animal pharmacology (disease models) and exploratory toxicology for small molecules and biologics.

In addition to the standalone solutions, one of the principal benefits to our clients is our Integrated Solutions Platform to influence and guide a drug discovery program from inception to IND filing. With GVK BIO, clients have access to multiple and seamless outsourcing choices across the drug discovery chain, ensuring speedy implementation of their research projects.