Newsletter | November 2, 2007

11.2.07 -- Baxter Adds Recombinant Protein To Specialty Therapeutics Portfolio
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An Insiders' Thoughts On Cell Culture And Cancer Therapeutics
Gary Goodrich, President and Founder of BioProcessing Inc, has over 15 years of experience in the cell culture and cancer therapeutics industry. His recent interview with BioResearchonline draws projections for the next 3-5 years for CROs and outlines advantages of working with firms like BioProcessing, Inc...

The Option To Outsource: Why Do It And What To Consider
The contract laboratory industry has grown exponentially over the past five to ten years, to the point that it is now regarded as a key player in the development, testing, and release of products in a wide range of industries. The question therefore arises: Who are these laboratories, and how can they be of assistance to my company? To answer this, you should look at your company with a clear, unjaundiced view...

Top News Stories
Baxter Adds Recombinant Protein To Specialty Therapeutics Portfolio
Argenta Discovery Announces Two-Year Extension Of Major Drug Discovery Collaboration With Genentech
New Study Of CONCERTA Showed Significant Improvement Of ADHD Symptom Management In Adults Compared To Placebo
Adoption Of Drug-Eluting Stents Associated With Lower Health Care Costs And Improved Clinical Outcomes
Dr. Stephen Burley, SGX Pharmaceuticals–Keynote Speaker At 3rd Modern Drug Discovery & Development
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development Submits New Drug Application For Paliperidone Palmitate
Summit Signs $450,000 Zebrafish Deal With A Top Five Pharmaceutical Company
Former Glaxosmithkline Executive To Lead UNC Drug Discovery Center
Gtcbio's 3rd Modern Drug Discovery And Development Summit
ACADIA Pharmaceuticals To Present At Upcoming Investor Conferences
Featured Products
Monoclonal Antibody Processing
Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies from Cell Culture Media and Ascites Fluid. Murine monoclonal antibodies can be purified by one or a combination of the following methods: MEP HyperCel, MEP HyperCel/Protein A, MEP HyperCel/DEAE, Protein A or Protein G chromatography...

Cleanroom Solutions
Decon Labs offers a full line of effective disinfectants for use in labs, controlled environments, healthcare settings, and on-process equipment. Whether you are looking for a ready-to-use spray or concentrated, sterile alcohol or sterile disinfectants, Decon's Total Disinfectant Line is the single source for your contamination control requirements...

Prep SFC 70
Thar's Prep SFC 70 is primarily used for chiral separations. The Prep SFC 70 is a small and inexpensive answer to purifications of 50 grams/ hour or less...

SigmaPlot® — Enzyme Kinetics Module
The Enzyme Kinetics Module runs seamlessly with SigmaPlot. You can easily create custom reports of your results including tables and graphs, incorporate your graphs into presentations or export your graphs to a wide range of graphic file formats to send it for publishing in journals...

Production Lyophilizers
Freeze drying, or lyophilization, is used for the reliable preservation of a wide variety of heat sensitive products and demands the highest standards of reliability and control...

Labeling and Packaging
Customized services from double-blinded labeling/packaging for clinical trials to commercial volume labeling/packaging...

Pallchek Rapid Microbiology System
The Pallchek Rapid Microbiology System is the first of its type to be used in an approved protocol for microbiological applications in FDA and EMEA registered drug manufacturing processes, using the ATP bioluminescence technique...

Laboratory Glassware
Wilmad's glassware includes: beakers, condensers, cylinders, dispensers, evaporators, flasks, funnels, gauges, homogenizers, o-rings, pipets, pumps, stoppers, thermometers, tubes, vials, and much more...

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Brochure: Hotpack®
Hotpack brand products include laboratory glassware washers and dryers, stability and environmental chambers, sterilizers, laboratory incubators, vacuum ovens, refrigerators, and freezers...
Brochure: BenchTop K Series Freeze Dryers
VirTis BenchTop "K" Series Freeze Dryers were developed to meet the demand for a research Freeze Dryer that would provide a full range of laboratory processing capability...
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