Newsletter | July 20, 2021

07.20.21 -- Artificial Intelligence Could Be New Blueprint For Precision Drug Discovery

Industry Insights
Align Your CMC Strategy With Clinical Path Requirements And Timeline

Manufacturers must understand the challenges associated with creating a CMC strategy in today’s crowded and diverse market and the expertise and resources needed to successfully execute it.

Single-Use Platforms Accelerate Viral Vaccine Development, Manufacturing

Analysts predict the vaccine market could grow at as much as 10.3 percent through 2024 (CAGR). Single-use platforms might be pivotal to meeting that demand.

Fundamentals Of Size Exclusion Chromatography

Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), also known as gel filtration, is the mildest of all chromatography techniques. SEC separates molecules by their differences in size as they pass through a resin packed in a column. You can use SEC for both preparative and analytical studies of your protein. But how do you know which parameters will give you the best resolution of your protein mixture?

Accelerate Your Pipeline With CDMO Collaboration

Collaborating with a CDMO can augment your capacity and expertise, refine your processes, and ultimately shorten your time to market. This ebook offers best practices that make working with a CDMO as efficient as possible.

Promises And Challenges Of AI For Therapeutic Target Identification

Watch this webinar to learn how increasing market and regulatory demands for safety and efficacy are driving pharmaceutical R&D to improve upstream discovery efforts. Discover how AI and machine learning technologies are gaining popularity in extracting knowledge from a multitude of resources and enabling precision medicine.

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