Newsletter | October 7, 2021

10.07.21 -- Advances For Laboratory Research And Discovery

A New, Innovative Process For Clarifying And Sterile Filtering Cells For Protein Purification Workflows

In recent years, biopharmaceutical research processes have demonstrated major improvements in the quality and recovery of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), which to an extent have been associated with culturing the expressing cell lines at high cell densities. This work has generated a great challenge in cell clarification, sterilization, and further downstream processing. These processes must remove large amounts of biomass and increased levels of contaminating cell debris generated during cell culture and harvesting.

New Alternatives For Low- And High-Throughput RNA Isolation/Extraction Offer Simplicity, Cost Savings, And Availability

The new emphasis on research into viral disease therapies and test kits has placed greater importance on RNA isolation and extraction. Technologies are now available that offer greater simplicity, cost savings, and product availability over commercial kits, while generating equivalent RNA quality and quantity. These approaches employ a single device plus the use of the lab’s own reagents (leftover or created kits).

Advance 96-Well Long-Tip Filter Plate For Nucleic Acid Binding For High-Throughput Purification Of Plasmid DNA

The demand for high-purity plasmid DNA continues to increase in molecular biology research. Advances in cloning techniques have greatly increased the number of samples, necessitating high-throughput small-scale plasmid preparation.

24-Well Filter Plates With Depth And EKV Media Or EKV Media For Clarification Of Mammalian Cell Cultures

Centrifugation and filtration have been widely accepted as techniques required for clarifying complex cell cultures to recover extracellular proteins such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). These steps can be time-consuming and costly for labs growing their cultures in 24-well culture plates. This document offers an alternative to the use of centrifugation/filtration/flocculation to clarify mammalian cell cultures.

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