Newsletter | September 23, 2021

09.23.21 -- Achieve Up To 4x Increase In Titers In Upstream Processing

Enabling Broader Adoption Of Process Intensification In Biopharma

Process intensification (PI) is becoming increasingly well understood, and its utility is continually evolving to meet specific manufacturer needs, from product development to manufacturing, whether approached stepwise or end to end.

Process Intensification: Key Considerations And Expert Insights

As current biological product pipelines become more diverse, product demand and cost pressures are increasing. To meet these demands, manufacturers often move toward process intensification. In this e-book, industry leaders discuss their experiences of implementing process intensification strategies as they relate to unique organizational goals. 

Intensifying Upstream Processing: Implications For Media Management

Biopharmaceutical development and production require the investment of significant time and resources. Manufacturing procedures must be efficient, robust, and productive to minimize failure risk and ensure targets are met. This e-book discusses the benefits of implementing process intensification before exploring the potential implications on media management. 

N-1 Perfusion High Inoculum Fed-Batch For Reduced COGS And Easy Retrofit

A midsize-to-large biopharma wanted to increase productivity two to three times in their fed-batch facility and also reduce their current cost of goods (COGS). With one small change in the upstream (USP) seed train, the customer was able to meet their goals.

Increased Productivity With Concentrated Fed-Batch

A large biopharma company wanted to establish a single-use multiproduct facility by choosing appropriate upstream processes that can deliver more than 500 kg/year throughput. This case study shows how a concentrated fed-batch process was established, enabling higher productivity and increasing the throughput (up to four times higher titer than standard fed-batch), providing more flexibility for production runs.