Newsletter | September 30, 2021

09.30.21 -- A Smarter Solution To Cell Line Development

A Guide To Accelerating Cell Line Development For Commercial Production

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing employs living host cells as production centers. However, cells introduce a source of variability and a unique set of technical challenges. This white paper discusses the challenges associated with cell line development in the production of biologics before outlining solutions that can help biotech developers evade the pitfalls of misinformed decision-making.

Five Ways To Accelerate Your Cell Line Development Process

Effective, high-quality cell line development is essential for your success when it comes to commercializing a biological product. Find five actions in this infographic that biotech companies should know when establishing their cell line development process.

How Biologic Therapeutics Are Developed

Scientists are harnessing the power of cellular machinery to produce therapeutic biologics that can target specific conditions. Learn about the process of developing a biologic treatment, from cell line development all the way to the patient.

Cell Line Development Facts And Figures

Cell line development is a time-consuming process. GMP grade cell lines are typically developed in 12 to 18 months. This infographic provides facts and figures regarding the global cell line development service market, approved biopharmaceutical active ingredients and the cost of GMP certification.

Cell Line Development Toolbox For Intensified Bioprocessing

If intensified processes lead to productivity improvements, then the cell line development toolbox holds the answers to make intensified bioprocessing a reality. Learn more about these technologies to optimize clone selection, shorten seed trains, and speed up early process development.