Newsletter | December 3, 2019

12.03.19 -- A Model System For Fast Screening Of Optimal Protein Purification Conditions

Industry Insights
Electronic Lab Notebook Supports Scientific Knowledge Management In R&D
Article | Dassault Systemes Americas

One tool holds a unique position among R&D informatics systems — electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs). ELNs both produce data and consume information and are particularly powerful.

In Vivo Models And In Vitro Assays For Human RSV Infection - Pre-Clinical Antibody, Small Molecule And Vaccine Development
White Paper | GVK Biosciences

Despite over 50 years of research, there remains no licensed vaccine product and disease due to RSV infection remains an unmet medical need. In vitro & in vivo models for RSV vaccine development can provide a critical component in development of anti-RSV antibodies, small molecules and vaccines. Learn how customized and high quality pre-clinical animal models and ex vivo readouts can support your anti-RSV biologics development from concept all the way to IND.

A Model System For Fast Screening Of Optimal Protein Purification Conditions
Application Note | Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Identifying optimal purification conditions can require time consuming evaluation of many parameters.This study highlights a model system for screening optimal protein purification conditions on a mixed-mode cation exchange resin using a statistical software–generated design of experiment model.

Direct-To-Representative Sample Distribution Services
Case Study | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Pharmaceutical manufacturers use a range of marketing channels to promote their prescription drug product. One proven and particularly effective appraoch is to have pharmaceutical sales representatives ‘hand carry’ samples to the health care practitioners within their territories.

Leverage Machine Learning For Faster High Content Analysis
Video | GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Traditional high content analysis relies heavily on manual identification of phenotypic subpopulations, a method that is tedious, sensitive to user bias, and often poor at differentiating subtle phenotypic differences. Hear how scientists from the University of Washington are using the Phenoglyphs machine learning module for IN Carta image analysis software to automate and simplify this complex process for faster high content analysis.

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