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08.09.22 -- A Look Into The Future Of Bioprocessing

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A Look Into The Future Of Bioprocessing

Industry experts for process analytical technologies, automation, and data analytics share their views on the implications of the Internet of Things and robotics on the future of bioprocessing.

Peptide Synthesis: Delivering Cost-Effective Strategies

For peptide APIs, using a liquid phase peptide synthesis (LPPS) approach offers a cost-effective process for large-scale manufacture by eliminating the need for specialized equipment and excess raw materials.

Scale-Up And BLA Planning For Microbial Biomanufacturing

Early planning for scale-up and biologics license application activities can maximize your chances of success by allowing sufficient time to develop launch options and prevent costly delays and setbacks.

Simplify Bioreactor Scale-Up And Scale-Down
We give an overview on the theory of scaling, present workflows and strategies, discuss which data are needed for successful scaling, and present case studies that use a web-based scaling tool
Are End-To-End CDMO Partnerships The Solution To Drug Development And Manufacturing Upheaval?

Growing complexity and risks in drug development and supply have implications for outsourcing models. See how to structure and manage CDMO partnerships for a future with uncertainty and disruption.

How To Choose The Correct Syringe Filter For Analytical Sample Preparation

This paper simplifies syringe filter selection and reviews the membranes and sizes required for specific analytical applications.

Key Enablers For Successful Late-Phase Biologic Drug Product Development And Launch

Late-phase development requires a holistic development strategy driven by a well-defined target product profile. This webinar aims to provide you with an overview of the complex path to a successful product launch.

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