Newsletter | June 25, 2020

06.25.20 -- A Focus On Funding: 6 Founders' Best Advice For Emerging Biotechs

The Business Of Biotech

Multi-time biotech founder, board member, and advisor Allan Shaw has a lot of insight to offer the emerging biotech community. In this wide-ranging interview he shares some of his best advice on organizational structure, funding opportunities, onboarding talent, timing your next big move, and much more.

Linking Biotech Value Creation And The Exit Strategy

Dr. Francois Nader has taken multiple biotechs from nonfactor to multi-billion-dollar exits. Here, Dr. Nader discusses the business side of biopharma, and, more specifically, why it's important for emerging biopharma leaders to launch with the end in mind and what that means in the contexts of building company valuation and maximizing the exit.

Pitching Your Biotech To Investors

Successfully producing investor dollars from the story of your science, people, and value proposition is going to require a pitch deck and tireless energy to present it. Multi-time biotech founder Leslie Williams has been down this road more than once, and she’s got plenty of candid advice on building a pitch deck and preparing for the pitching process.

Finding Biotech Funding In Volatile Times

Dr. Ben Zeskind, CEO of Immuneering, founded the biotech in 2008 as the global economy suffered the beating that would come to be known as the Great Recession. This blog highlights Dr. Zeskind's insight into how the fund-seeking exercise changes in challenging economies and presents his strategies for addressing those changes.

Building An All-Star Biotech Team

Building your biotech team isn’t easy, but it’s central to your value. In fact, Roivant Sciences founder and CEO Vivek Ramaswamy believes people are the most important ingredient for launching a biopharma company. Here he shares more about why finesse, not formula, should drive your hiring decisions.

Is It Time To Leave The Biotech Incubator?

Incubators are warm, safe places that nourish and protect their inhabitants and give fledglings a start that optimizes their chances of survival, but they are also a bit too confining for growth-oriented entities to occupy for long. Kavitha Iyer-Rodrigues, founder of Zumutor Biologics, Inc., offers experience-based insight into maximizing the value of incubation time, as well as knowing when it’s time to spread your wings and step out of the nest.