Newsletter | March 11, 2020

03.11.20 -- 3 Questions To Map Your Future In Biomanufacturing


Should you make it? Can you make it? How can you make it better?

Growth in biomanufacturing has created capacity challenges that demand new ways of thinking. Should you build your manufacturing or outsource it? What strategies should you consider for recruiting and retaining talent? How do you leverage your data to gain deeper insights? Read on to address these key questions impacting your biomanufacturing journey.


Evaluating The Economics Of Today’s Biomanufacturing Strategies: Can You Afford The Cost Of Failure?

Small and emerging companies often struggle with financial demands while managing with limited resources. Prior to making critical decisions about its strategy, one company completed an economic evaluation of different manufacturing options to ensure they made the right choice. 

Biopharma: Addressing Talent Crunch In A Growing Industry

As the biopharma market evolves it creates demand for skilled resources from a talent pool that seems to be draining faster than it can fill. What strategies should your company consider for recruiting, training, and retaining qualified candidates in order to remain competitive?

Industry 4.0: Bioprocessing Digital Transformation

The pharmaceutical industry continues to find ways to use automation for improving quality and speed-to-market. There is a new transformation taking place that will pave the way for even more changes as to how the industry approaches drug manufacturing.

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