• Implications Of Inaccurate Forecasting On Biologics Drug Substance Manufacturing
    Implications Of Inaccurate Forecasting On Biologics Drug Substance Manufacturing

    To better understand the issues that biopharmaceutical companies face when planning for clinical and commercial biologic drug substance manufacturing and supply needs, ORC International conducted interviews with biopharmaceutical executives in North America and Europe who consistently utilize forecasts for drug substance and commercial manufacturing planning for biologics. This research explored the causes, consequences, and potential solutions to forecasting challenges specifically related to biologic drug substance manufacturing.

  • Impact Of Incorrect Forecasts On New Drug Product Launches

    Pharmaceutical company marketing executives have become more accurate in positioning their new product in the marketplace, profiling prescribers, and understanding and responding to the reimbursement landscape. What is still a quagmire for pharma companies is predicting the actual demand for products and the timing of that demand.

  • How To Live With Uncertain Pharma Demand Forecasts

    Demand forecasts are often wrong because they are developed to inform manufacturing commitments as many as four to five years before product launch. As contractual relationships with CMOs are driven by forecasts inaccurate forecasts can “result in unfavorable pricing, financial penalties, and inappropriate capacity,” according to Jim Miller, President of PharmSource, a pharmaceutical industry contract manufacturing intelligence firm.

  • Streamlining Pharm Drug Development: Yes, It’s Time.

    The path from molecule to market isn’t getting any easier. The costs of drug development over the last five years have continued to rise while sales during the same timeframe have tumbled. This calls for streamlining of today’s current drug development process. Read how today’s experts think this can be accomplished.

  • The Timely Rise Of The CDMO

    The complexity of today’s molecules and the growing majority of new molecule development are calling for a new method of drug production. Biopharma companies of all sizes are looking to vendors to manage development, manufacturing, and capacity needs. The question is: Are they keeping up?

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