• How To Prepare A Facility For The Biopharmaceutical Revolution
    How To Prepare A Facility For The Biopharmaceutical Revolution

    Drug discovery is an inherently inefficient process. It takes thousands of failed compounds before one can get approved as safe and efficacious, and this effort does not come at a low cost. Because of this, the industry is constantly looking for ways to bring safe, compliant, and profitable drugs to market faster and cheaper. Patheon facility in Brisbane, Australia, exemplifies the facility needed to survive the future of pharma. But how did they do it?

  • Pharmaceutical Customers In An Outsourcing Provider Merger -- Part 3 Of Interview With CEO of Newly Formed DPx Holdings B.V.

    This final article in our series featuring Jim Mullen, CEO of newly formed DPx Holdings B. V., discusses how to keep the focus on customers during M&A activity, and the broader transformation of sponsor–provider relationships in the pharmaceutical outsourcing industry.

  • Quality, Capacity And Job Security In A CMO Industry Merger -- Part 2 Of Our Interview With CEO Of Newly Formed DPx Holdings B.V.

    This spring Jim Mullen became CEO of DPx Holdings B.V., formed in a $2.65 billion transaction combining JLL Partners’ assets Patheon and Banner Life Sciences, with Royal DSM’s Pharmaceuticals business. In an interview with Outsourced Pharma, Mullen discusses three key components in a merger: quality, capacity and job security.

    With a merger nearing completion and the integration plans underway, Mullen says you have to start with the fundamental ABCs of business. “There are three fundamental questions to get to day one: Do you have the right financial controls? Can you reliably continue to pay your suppliers? Can you receive cash and can you make payroll?

  • Results of First Ever REMOTE Clinical Trial

    In the clinical research industry, we’re always evaluating things.  We evaluate drugs and biologics.  We evaluate medical devices.  We also evaluate research techniques.  Yes, we try trials.  We study studies.  That’s what Pfizer was doing when it launched its REMOTE pilot trial in early 2011 – evaluating the effectiveness of a study in which patients participated remotely, without ever having to visit a study site.  How would the results of the REMOTE study compare with those of a similar, completed, conventional study?  Would this innovative research approach be validated? By Laurie Meehan, Polaris Compliance Consultants, Inc.

  • IMP Shipments: Too Big, Too Costly, Too Bad

    A client in the UK was initiating a new clinical trial, and shipping forty-two pallets of the IMP to Marken’s pharmaceutical service depot in the testing region created several challenges.

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  • Lpath Reports Interim Data From Phase 2a Study For Anti-Cancer Drug, ASONEP

    Lpath, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPTN), the industry leader in bioactive lipid-targeted therapeutics, reported interim results in a Phase 2a single-arm, open-label trial where ASONEP™ is being investigated as a treatment for metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) in patients that have failed at least one therapy involving a VEGF inhibitor (e.g., Sutent®/ sunitinib maleate) and no more than one mTOR inhibitor (e.g., Afinitor®/everolimus), with a maximum of three failed treatments in all



Flow Cytometry Filters

Flow Cytometry Filters

The company offers the new XF500 GFP/YFP Flow Cytometry Set for sorting and analysis of cells expressing Green Fluorescent Protein, Yellow Fluorescent Protein, or similar mutants.
Controlled-Release Tablets

Controlled-Release Tablets

Whatever challenges these complex technologies present for your project, chances are we have already overcome them in a previous project. Patheon offers the full arc of services and resources to take you seamlessly from early development to market quickly and efficiently.

Biotech Development Services

Biotech Development Services

Analytical Bio-Chemistry Laboratories Biotech Development Services.

Automated Colony Counter

Automated Colony Counter

Qcount is an automated colony counter that breaks through the limitations of ambient lighting and overlapping colonies to give sharp, error-free plate counts quickly...
HTS Plate Replicator & Dispenser System ALCS-2000

HTS Plate Replicator & Dispenser System ALCS-2000

This system can automatically handle a wide range of tasks, such as dispensing antigen or antibodies
UV-Vis Spetrophotometers

UV-Vis Spetrophotometers

The S-1100 Series UV-Vis Spectrophotometers with PDA detector can obtain a full wavelength range of 200-1000 nm in less than 0.04 sec so that users can get the spectral information immediately.
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