• Getting The Most Out Of Your Viral Clearance Study
    Getting The Most Out Of Your Viral Clearance Study

    By John Zehmer, PhD, Senior Scientist and Study Director at BioReliance

    Conducting a viral clearance study is an important step on the road toward getting your biomolecule into the clinic and on its way to becoming a drug. However, since most companies do not have the systems in place to support a regulated virological study of this kind, this will likely mean engaging a contract research organization (CRO) as a partner. The keys to meeting your goals are solid planning and good communication between your group and your CRO partner. This article provides a high-level review of these processes and will aid in planning for a successful study.

  • Tools for the Design of Vaccines to Help Reduce Clinical Failure

    If you are involved in the pharma industry, then you are interested in saving lives. In the area of preventative medicine, therapeutic vaccines have proven to have a tremendous impact on the ability to save millions of lives. Similar to pharmaceuticals, vaccine development can take over 10 years and less than 10 percent of candidates reach commercialization. Reducing the cost of failure and increasing the chances of clinical success for vaccines is beneficial to both the pharma industry and those being treated for or protected from disease.

  • Patheon Surfs Outsourcing Waves And Scoops Up Gallus Along The Way

    Jim Mullen, CEO of Patheon parent company DPx Holdings B.V., is at it again.

    On the heels of my three-part series with Mullen on the details behind the springtime merger of his company and the pharmaceutical products division of Royal DSM, he has made his next move.

    This time it is a strategic entrée into the U.S.-based market for biologics services via an acquisition of privately held Gallus BioPharmaceuticals. With Gallus, Patheon adds new capabilities at well-established sites with name-brand clientele, in St. Louis, Mo. and Princeton, N.J., to its global locations in Groningen, the Netherlands and Brisbane, Australia.

  • Systematic Method Development Of UPC2 Conditions Using Opioid Drugs

    This application note uses a panel of natural and synthetic opioid drugs to demonstrate the use of a systematic screening strategy for UPC2 method development. By Jonathan P. Danaceau, Kenneth J. Fountain, and Erin E. Chambers, Waters Corporation

  • A Single-Injection UPC2 Method For Fast And Simultaneous Separation Of Nine Fat-Soluble Vitamins

    Fat-soluble vitamins(FSVs) include vitamins A, D, E, K and carotenoids such as β-carotene. The FSVs are involved in complex metabolic reactions related to important biological functions such as vision (vitamin A), calcium absorption (vitamin D), antioxidant protection of cell membrane (vitamin E), and blood coagulation (vitamin K). By Rui Chen, Jinchuan Yang, and John McCauley, Waters Corporation

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  • Molecular Devices Partners With Roche To Develop Custom Ruthenium Nano-TRF® Detection Platform
    Molecular Devices Partners With Roche To Develop Custom Ruthenium Nano-TRF® Detection Platform

    The custom technologies arm of Molecular Devices, a leader in bioanalytical systems for drug discovery, life science research, and bioassay development, has partnered with the Discovery Technologies team at the Roche Innovation Center Basel of Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED) to develop a high-throughput detection system for drug discovery screens employing Roche's proprietary Ruthenium-based nanosecond time resolved fluorescence (Nano-TRF®) assays



Real-Time Drug Monitoring System

TheraTrac 2 links the VITEC automated microbiology instrument system with the pharmacy’s information system


ChemBridge's new flagship product-a premier molecular diversity collection of 25,000 to 100,000 hand-crafted and
SERA-520 Clinical Analyzer

SERA-520 Clinical Analyzer

The SERA-520 is a clinical analyzer designed for the simultaneous measurement of Na+, K+, and Cl- contents of humoralelectrolyte samples, including whole blood, plasma, serum, diaiysate and diluted urine...
Enzyme Kinetics Module- SigmaPlot®

Enzyme Kinetics Module- SigmaPlot®

The Enzyme Kinetics Module runs seamlessly with SigmaPlot. You can easily create custom reports of your results including tables and graphs, incorporate your graphs into presentations or export your graphs to a wide range of graphic file formats to send it for publishing in journals.
PCR Cycle Plates

PCR Cycle Plates

The Ultraflux PCR Cycle Plates are 100% pure virgin polypropylene and are certified DNA, Rnase, and Dnase-free. They are available non-sterile or radiation sterilized...
Investigational New Drug (IND) & Medical Product Dossier (IMPD) Services

Investigational New Drug (IND) & Medical Product Dossier (IMPD) Services

Patheon's IND/IMPD dossier support is a perfect example of the strength of our experience and fully integrated approach to early development. It's part of what makes Patheon the fastest way to go from molecule to market.

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