• A Single-Injection UPC2 Method For Fast And Simultaneous Separation Of Nine Fat-Soluble Vitamins

    Fat-soluble vitamins(FSVs) include vitamins A, D, E, K and carotenoids such as β-carotene. The FSVs are involved in complex metabolic reactions related to important biological functions such as vision (vitamin A), calcium absorption (vitamin D), antioxidant protection of cell membrane (vitamin E), and blood coagulation (vitamin K). By Rui Chen, Jinchuan Yang, and John McCauley, Waters Corporation

  • Lipid Class Separation Using UPC2/MS

    A flexible, universal method was developed for the analysis of inter-class separations of neutral and amphipathetic lipids. By Michael D. Jones, Giorgis Isaac, Giuseppe Astarita, Andrew Aubin, John Shockcor, Vladimir Shulaev, Cristina Legido-Quigley, and Norman Smith

  • Fast Separation Of Triacylglycerols In Oils Using UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography (UPC2)

    Studies using UPC2 coupled with ultraviolet (UV) detection, mass spectrometry (MS), and evaporative light scattering (ELS) detection for the separation of triacylglycerols in tobacco, corn, sesame, and soybean seed oils are presented in this application note. By Mehdi Ashraf-Khorassani, Larry T. Taylor, Jinchuan Yang, and Giorgis Isaac

  • Enantiomeric And Diasteriomeric Resolutions Of Chiral Pesticides By ACQUITY UPC2 With UV Detection

    In this application note we have shown the analysis of chiral pesticides using ACQUITY UPC2. ACQUITY UPC2 allows high efficiency separations that can significantly increase the sample throughput when compared with traditional normal-phase separations. By Marian Twohig, Andrew Aubin, Michael O’Leary, Tom DePhillipo, Sherry C. Perine, and David R. Stubbs

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  • Lpath Reports Interim Data From Phase 2a Study For Anti-Cancer Drug, ASONEP

    Lpath, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPTN), the industry leader in bioactive lipid-targeted therapeutics, reported interim results in a Phase 2a single-arm, open-label trial where ASONEP™ is being investigated as a treatment for metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) in patients that have failed at least one therapy involving a VEGF inhibitor (e.g., Sutent®/ sunitinib maleate) and no more than one mTOR inhibitor (e.g., Afinitor®/everolimus), with a maximum of three failed treatments in all



Gas Chromatograph

Gas Chromatograph

The Model 910 Gas Chromatograph performs routine and complicated applications generating accurate and reproducible results...
Clinical Trial Material Manufacturing: Phase II & Phase III

Clinical Trial Material Manufacturing: Phase II & Phase III

Patheon offers expertise in GMP manufacturing of materials to support Phase II and III clinical trials, as well as product registration. 

Horizontal Sample Loader

Horizontal Sample Loader

The Millipede Horizontal Sample Loader provides a method for screening a high number of samples on a
Automated PCR Prep Workstation Model-5000

Automated PCR Prep Workstation Model-5000

This equipment dispenses DNA, optional primer and mixtures into 96 well plates for PCR
MultiProbe 8-Tip Robotic Liquid Handling System

MultiProbe 8-Tip Robotic Liquid Handling System

The MultiPROBE II HT 8 Tip Robotic Liquid Handling System features eight probes for high throughput and flexibility and comes in two deck sizes for differing capacity requirements.
UV-Vis Spetrophotometers

UV-Vis Spetrophotometers

The S-1100 Series UV-Vis Spectrophotometers with PDA detector can obtain a full wavelength range of 200-1000 nm in less than 0.04 sec so that users can get the spectral information immediately.
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