• CDMOs — At The Core Of Next-Generation Pharma Models
    CDMOs — At The Core Of Next-Generation Pharma Models

    In today’s pharmaceutical industry, the economic strains of keeping a company completely vertically integrated are no longer feasible. Smaller, virtual drug companies simply do not have the resources necessary to translate a molecule to a drug product.


  • Overcome Formulation Challenges Of Protein-based Therapeutics

    Protein-based therapeutics have emerged as a key driver of growth in the pharmaceutical industry. R&D pipelines have filled with biologics and monoclonal antibodies have become the best-selling drugs around the world. Despite the success of this segment, the size and complexity of protein molecules create specific challenges when developing these types of therapeutics.

  • Streamlining Recombinant Protein Production

    Use of recombinant proteins as therapeutics has become an attractive strategy for altering the biology of disease progression and offers significant commercial opportunities.  However, bringing a recombinant protein to market requires a substantial investment of time and resources, and the process is generally complex and subject to technical pitfalls.

  • A Cure For Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Complexity

    The pharmaceutical industry lags in the sophistication and performance of its supply chains when they are compared with best-in-class companies in other industries. This is due to the complexity that has come with new drugs, more complex production technologies and evolving regulatory requirements. In this environment, integrating and aligning the supply chain makes it more flexible, bolstering operational performance and financial competitiveness.

  • Best Practices In Supply Chain Management: A CMO Perspective

    Supply chain management has advanced rapidly over the past decade, evolving from what was once dubbed “materials management” into the essential glue that binds all aspects of a business’ internal and external collaborations.

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